5 Things Every Apartment Needs

As a single woman living in a major city, apartment living is the norm. I think finding a flat that fits your lifestyle is important. Unlike a house, there is little flexibility to alter an apartment to one’s liking. So, I always try to find a place in an area I like with the amenities I must have, i.e;  a garden tub, dual sinks, a parking garage, and lots of closet space. (I have a post on my accessory closet coming up next week)

I think of myself as an apartment pro. Especially since I actually worked as an apartment kocater a fee years ago. I found that when it comes to apartment living, having certain things make an apartment feel more cozy and chic. Here are the top five must-haves to accomplish that task:

1. Candles. Invest in quality brand candles that not only smell great but add to the look of your place. Nothing says Tre Tre Chic like a luxury scented candles that fills the room with a intoxicating scent. Plus who doesn’t love candle light?


2. Floral Arrangements. The right floral arrangement will add life to any room.  Make sure to invest in a few great vases for each room to hold your bouquets. *Be careful not to buy cheap looking fake flowers.


Small Arrangements Are Perfect for Small Spaces

3. Curtains. You’d be surprised just how different a room feels with curtains compared to rooms with just blinds or no window treatment at all.


4. Accent Pillows. Decorative pillows add a pop to sofas, loveseats, and bedrooms. If you haven’t already picked a color scheme for your place, you may want to consider solid colored furniture and add color with your accent pillows and floral arrangements. This way you can change up your decor when you want without breaking your budget.



5. A Touch of Paint. Depending on the size of your apartment an accent wall may be just the thing you need. Don’t go overboard with multiple accent walls. If you’re in a small one bedroom or a studio, choose a color that isn’t too dark. *Remember, darker colors make things look smaller.



Happy Apartment Living!

Dawn B.


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