Spring Clean Your Lifestyle

Hello Spring

Spring is here. And no matter where you live. it represents the beginning of change. The snow has melted, the air is warm, and flowers are starting to bloom. It only make sense that we begin something new at this time of the year as well.

So what does that mean for you and me? It means it’s time to spruce up our lifestyles. Here are a few ideas for a “Lifestyle Spring Cleaning”

Change up your wardrobe. Throw out, sell, or donate anything you haven’t worn in over two years. And then treat yourself to some new items for the months to come.

Sign up for a class. Learning something new is a great way to expand your mind and consider different perspectives. Try an art class or a fun dance class in your area.

Travel. On my birthday this year, I promised myself that I’d travel more often. And I plan to keep that promise especially now that the weather is warmer.. Nothing sparks your creative side like the detailed artistry of the world around us. Experiencing different cultures, art, and music will totlly help foster in a new vibe this spring.

Focus on a healthier way of thinking. Okay, so maybe last year wasn’t so great for you. Maybe the beginning of this year was a drag. Or maybe you’re still stuck on some mistake you made years ago or some “flaw” you think people see when they look at you. It’s time to let that shit go. This is your life, OWN IT.

I know that the only way to experience life to its maximum potential is to do it from a clear, positive state of mind. Cleaning out all of the things ,both physically and mentally, that are crowding your space will elevate your mood and help you live in the moment.

Happy Spring!

Dawn B.

13 Little Wardrobe Killers

It’s the little things that make all the difference. No matter your body type or taste, it is possible to look and feel good without having to change your entire style.

Simply begin by avoiding these little wardrobe assassins. 

1. Leaving Bits of Lint and Animal Fur on Your Clothes
People notice details, and a single piece of lint can stand out, especially if it doesn’t match your clothing.

Lint rollers are amazing, but if you don’t have one handy, some tape will do just fine.

If you’ve got animals, you should have several lint rollers and put them where you can find them easily. Keep one in your car, one in your handbag, and one in the bathroom.

2. See-through Fabrics
To be clear: thin, gauzy skirts can be a great addition to your wardrobe. Do yourself a favor, though, and make sure that they don’t go totally transparent when you end up backlit.

Some fabrics will do their best to trick you. They look totally opaque in the dim light of morning. By the time you’re headed out for lunch, the light shines right through them, treating all to a glimpse of what’s underneath.

3. Not Breaking out the Iron
We get it. You’re busy. But your wardrobe, and possibly even your image, won’t be taken seriously if you look like you just grabbed your shirt from the bottom of the hamper.

The water and dryer temperature you use could have a huge effect on the condition of your clothing. Also, hang your clothes up immediately after they are dry.

If you’re against ironing, you can use the dryer to your advantage in the fight against wrinkles. Wrap the garment around an ice cube, then throw them in the dryer. The ice dissolves and turns into steam, thereby creating the perfect anti-wrinkle environment.

4. Too Many Accessories
Accessories are essential to your look. A single necklace can make a great statement piece, for instance, or a scarf can pull your entire outfit together. The ideal accessory will be eye catching and (this is important) appropriate for the occasion.

Don’t worry about being too plain; that’s a much better option than going overboard and risking looking tacky.

📷 Trensetters TV

5. Worn-out Clothing
Looking to make a bad impression? An easy way to do this is by wearing a shirt that was white in a former life. It’s inevitable that the whitest of whites start to discolor, and once they do, it’s time to either put them in the discard pile.
Prevent your whites and colors from becoming former versions of themselves by making  separate loads for whites, colors, and dark fabrics. Mixing them  can cause them to become dingy and gray.

6. Wearing Athletic Shoes in Non-athletic Situations

Sure, your tennis shoes are comfortable, but unless you’re on a tennis court, they look out of place.

Athletic shoes stick out like a sore thumb and can make you look like a teenager (and not in a good way). *Unless you are wearing fashion sneakers for an intentional urban casual look.

7. Wearing Clothes That Don’t Fit Correctly. 

Nothing can kill your style quite as quickly as an oversized shirt or a too-tight dress. Even if the clothes feel comfortable, if they don’t fit, don’t wear them.

Do remember that different clothing manufacturers size their garments quite differently. If you’re a size 2 at one store, you might be a size 6 somewhere else, so trust the fit, not the tag. Always take the time to try on clothes before committing to wearing it out.

8. Not Taking Care of Your Nails
A manicure can turn from cute to cringe-worthy in a matter of minutes and all it takes is a single chip in the polish.
Although keeping a perfect manicure for more than a week or two is just about impossible, you can increase its lifespan by opting for a gel polish.

9. Carrying a Massive Bag
Sure, it’s great to have a bag that can carry your laptop, makeup kit, car keys, and body cream while still leaving enough room for a full-grown chihuahua, but a big bag can easily throw off the rest of your outfit. After all, a bag is an accessory.
Opt for a smaller bag for  important events. And make sure that your bag’s in good condition. As with other elements of your look, you’ll need to call in a ringer when your bag falls into disrepair.

10. Clothes that are pilling.
It happens to the best of ‘em. A few times into wearing, you notice that certain spots on your garment are a little rougher than others.
The next thing you know, a bunch of tiny little balls join the party and take up space on those rough patches, which are most likely in the armpit or thigh areas. These clothing-crashers are called pills and are formed when fabric rubs together.
Blended fabrics are usually the most susceptible to becoming pilling victims, says Good Housekeeping magazine. Fiber blends that contain three or more fabrics have a higher incidence of pilling, especially those that contain both natural and synthetic fibers.
To prevent damage, turn your garment inside out before washing. Doing so prevents the fabric from rubbing against other clothes in the wash, stopping the pills before they wreak havoc.
The gold standard for pill-prone garments is hand-washing. Placing your washer on the gentle or delicate setting is second best.
Air-drying your clothing can also help to keep it safe. Once everything is washed and dried, store or hang your garments inside out.

11. Not getting your Favorite Pair of Shoes Repaired.
We get it; you love your shoes, even if the soles are fading away and the leather is scuffed. The good news is that a talented cobbler can perform those much-needed repairs, restoring your favorite kicks to their former glory.
The bad news is that the longer you wait, the more you’ll pay—and the worse you’ll look. If you’re going to keep that old pair of shoes, take care of them.

12. Going really retro (without any sort of modern update).
Modern accessories can provide a great, easy update. Your shoes and bottoms can also be modernized to complement a vintage top. Just take it easy on the nostalgic items, and you’ll be fine; otherwise, you’ll look like you didn’t spend enough time thinking this through.

13. Leggings as Pants.
This fashion faux pas has taken the nation by storm. We blame the rise of the yoga pant.
Leggings can be a key ingredient in a super-cute outfit, but don’t mistake them for fully-formed bottoms in themselves. Throw on a short skirt or wear a dress if your shirt is belly-grazing; the key is to keep your backside from hitting people in the face. That’s just sloppy.

👉 Make sure people remember you, not how poorly dressed you looked. 


Dawn B. 

5 Ways To Dress Up Your Plain T-Shirt

We all have at least two or three plain t-shirts in our wardrobe. Many of us use them as a go to casual look. But have you considered taking your plain tee and making it a part of your next chic look?

Here are 5 Ways you can go from ordinary to fab in no time flat:

1. Try A Statement Necklace. I have always been a fan of a great necklace. But your T-shirts are probably even bigger fans. 

2. Put on a Blazer. A great fitted blazer is always a perfect option to dress up your casual tee. 

3. When in Doubt, Wear Heels.. No matter if you’re wearing jeans, pants, or a skirts, adding a pair of heels will definitely make the look more glam. 

4. Scarf It Up. Like necklaces, scarves add a wonderful pop of style to your look. 

5. Tuck and Roll. Simply tucking your shirt, partially or tying it loosely will take your plain tee from simple to trendsetter.

The best thing about your plain t-shirts is that the style possibilities are endless. So go have fun!

– Dawn B 

5 Things Every Apartment Needs

As a single woman living in a major city, apartment living is the norm. I think finding a flat that fits your lifestyle is important. Unlike a house, there is little flexibility to alter an apartment to one’s liking. So, I always try to find a place in an area I like with the amenities I must have, i.e;  a garden tub, dual sinks, a parking garage, and lots of closet space. (I have a post on my accessory closet coming up next week)

I think of myself as an apartment pro. Especially since I actually worked as an apartment kocater a fee years ago. I found that when it comes to apartment living, having certain things make an apartment feel more cozy and chic. Here are the top five must-haves to accomplish that task:

1. Candles. Invest in quality brand candles that not only smell great but add to the look of your place. Nothing says Tre Tre Chic like a luxury scented candles that fills the room with a intoxicating scent. Plus who doesn’t love candle light?


2. Floral Arrangements. The right floral arrangement will add life to any room.  Make sure to invest in a few great vases for each room to hold your bouquets. *Be careful not to buy cheap looking fake flowers.


Small Arrangements Are Perfect for Small Spaces

3. Curtains. You’d be surprised just how different a room feels with curtains compared to rooms with just blinds or no window treatment at all.


4. Accent Pillows. Decorative pillows add a pop to sofas, loveseats, and bedrooms. If you haven’t already picked a color scheme for your place, you may want to consider solid colored furniture and add color with your accent pillows and floral arrangements. This way you can change up your decor when you want without breaking your budget.



5. A Touch of Paint. Depending on the size of your apartment an accent wall may be just the thing you need. Don’t go overboard with multiple accent walls. If you’re in a small one bedroom or a studio, choose a color that isn’t too dark. *Remember, darker colors make things look smaller.



Happy Apartment Living!

Dawn B.

11 Problems for People with Good Taste


1. You walk into any store—low- or high-end—and your favorite item is always the most expensive one. Who knew that little brass tray would ring up as more than certain pieces of furniture?


2. You’ve had to stop watching makeover shows on TV because your stress level gets too high. All that loud sighing muttering “Oh I could do so much better” can take a toll.

3. You create secret boards on Pinterest—otherwise all your friends wind up with the exact. same. accessories. Sure it’s flattering, but you’d rather not have identical bookshelves.

4. You’ve never gotten your security deposit back. And you KNOW your past landlords have hiked up the rent based on your improvements.

5. You’ve wondered if some of your friends like you, or just the things you’ve helped pick out for them. So often, those coffee dates turn into “want to pop over and check out that place? I’m in the market for xyz…

6. You have so many fab decorative items, there’s no longer room for actual coffee on your table. Time to edit it down? Or time to get a bigger coffee table?


7. When you dress down people still accuse you of looking fancy or “overdressed” compared to them.

8. You have more pics of home or fashion looks than selfies on your Instagram. And yes, each one of them took a solid amount of time to style to get just right.



9. You have trouble visiting certain family members or friends at home because of an overwhelming desire to move their sofa to the opposite wall or organize something in a more appealing way. And you don’t want to start that fight.

10. When you say “Thank you, you shouldn’t have!” you mean it. Really. They should not have. This gift is going straight to the Goodwill. When will people learn to stop trying to shop for you?

11. Your calendar is filled with dinner parties…and you suspect you’re only on the invite list because of your reputation for hostess gifts. Did your cousin’s ex-girlfriend really want you at her birthday party or does she just remember the vase you gave them at their housewarming?


Resource: Elle Decor website with a few of my added words. 🥂

– Dawn B.

10 Must-Have Apps

The struggle is real. But now with the help of fantastic apps, life just got better.

I have composed a list of apps by catagory to help you enjoy your day a little more.

Homemade App
Buy or even sell homemade meals.


Health/Fitness App:

My Diet Coach App
Get the motivation you need to lose weight, be healthier and stay on track


Life Apps:

Dashlane App
Never forget your passwords again


FastCustomer App
No more waiting for customer service to answer your call.

Out of  Milk App
Never be without your shopping list again with this app


Fashion and Beauty Apps:

Thread Channel  App
Learn more about fashion. Understand terms and know what to look for.


Chictopia App
Get outfit ideas from stylish street style bloggers. Shop cool online boutiques.


Beautylish App
Discover new looks, learn essential makeup tips & shop amazing beauty products


Plick App
Plick is a marketplace app where you buy and sell quality second hand clothing


I hope these are helpful. Send me a message and let me know if there are any apps you think I should try. I will try them out.

– Dawn B.

Mirrored Nails Please?

Manicure/Pedicure obsessed? Join the club.

Since my last nail tech moved away, I have been on a desperate quest to get a great mani/pedi. If I knew it wouldn’t bore you I would share my recent tales of nail shop fails and horrors which ended in poorly applied lumpy polish, deeply cut (damaged) cuticles, and uneven oddly shaped nails. But I won’t do that. 😊

Instead, this post is all about a new love for mirrored nail color and how you should try this look asap.

Check out these cute nails:





Feel free to let me know if any of you out there have tried this look and what brand polish you used.


Dawn B.

Trendy Ear Piercing Ideas


When it comes to earrings, I am all in. I am always trying different styles. But more recently I considered getting a second  piercing added to each ear just to be able to wear a stud or pearl earring with whatever other pair of earrings I choose to wear.

I was pleasently surprised by the different ear piercing ideas I came across. What do you guys think? The first image below is my favorite. But they are all pretty cute.






My advice: Don’t take ear piercing too seriously. If you want to try something different, go for it. You can always take it out when you’re tired of the look.

– 💋 Dawn B.

How To Start The New Year Like A Boss

Every year people make tons of new year resolutions. Although many of us try to see those resolutions through, the truth is that most of us never get past the end of February before we are back to old habits. Why is that?

I think we get caught up on the idea of starting something new or starting over but we don’t really figure out what we need to do to succeed…Like A Boss!

If you want to start 2016 like you own it, here are some ideas that will help:

1. Know Yourself.


There is nothing wrong with dreaming big. Actually, I recommend it. But being a boss means owning your life. And that means knowing yourself well enough to make changes you  know you can actually handle. For example: Planning to lose 65 pounds in two month on an all liquid diet may be a bit much. 

Access your lifestyle, find out your limits (time, finances, etc), and make reasonable changes that you can stick with long term. For larger changes, seek outside assistance to make sure you can handle everything that needs to be done. Whatever your plans are, do them well.

2. Share With Discretion. We have all seen the countless resolutions online. It’s actually become a series of joke memes and tweets. That’s not how a boss starts ma new year. The best idea is to show your results not share your plans.

If you need an accountability partner or two, confide in those closest to you who support your decisions. The last thing you need is someone in your ear mocking your goals or sabotaging your hard work.

👉A boss doesn’t talk about it, she is about it. Besides, when you finally reach your goals, then you can share them with the world. Then you’ll really have a story to tell.

3. Release Your Inhibitions. An inhibition is a force that prevents something from happening—and often comes from you yourself.

Don’t start your new year standing in your own way. If you want to cut your hair, do it. If you want to change careers, go for it. Whatever it is that you’ve wanted to do, see, or try, you owe it to yourself to do so.

The major regrets that most people have later in life are the things they didn’t do. DON’T let this be you.

4. Let The Haters Hate. Know this one thing to be absolutely true, Haters Gonna Hate!


Seriously. No matter how great you are, how kind you are, or how giving you are, someone is bound to hate what you’re up to and there is nothing you can do about it. Now that that’s clear, it should be understood that their opinion is irrelevant because it really doesn’t have anything to do with your life.

Think of it like this, Haters are  just reminders that you’re living life on your own terms. And that my dear is awesome!


I don’t know about you, but I plan to be wildly content with the life I live. That means going out there and creating the life I deserve. I hope you will do the same. 🙆

– Dawn B.

3 Ways To Make Your Everyday Life More Fabulous


Life can be stressful. We all know this. Often times we assume only the rich and famous can have a fabulous day-to-day life, but that isn’t true. Anyone can live life a bit more fab. Here’s how:

3. Focus On What You Love. Life is full of distractions. Often the expectations of others or even the expectations that we place upon ourselves force us to put what we love on the back burner. We are so busy working or doing for others that we have so little time to do what we love. Yet, focusing on what we love is crucial to truly having a fulfilling life.


Hobbies You Love Such As Bike Riding Are A Must

2. Loose Yourself InThe Moment. If you think about it, the only time we truly have is right now. The past is done and we can’t be sure what tomorrow brings  So why not really make the most out of your time?  This may sound “extra” to some people, but I really believe in celebrating life in small glamorous ways. I randomly buy champagne just to have a glass, I put  fresh flower petals in my bubble baths, and sometimes on weeknights I book a really nice hotel room, order room service, and just relax with my phone on silent. I do these things because I don’t want to be a person who needs a reason to do something nice. Life should be celebrated every day in some kind of way, big or small.

1. Tune Out Bad Vibes. Have you ever noticed how draining some people can be? Always complaining or gossiping or whatever vibe-killing trait they tend to have. Well, if you don’t take anything else from this blog post I hope it is this: Separate Yourself From Draining People.

There is nothing fabulous about spending time with anyone who makes you feel low or judged. Associate with loving, positive people and keep everyone else at a distance. *That may include staying away from them on social media as well.


I promise you, if you apply the three things listed above your days will become much brighter.

– Dawn B.